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Fort Building Kit for Making Indoor Blanket Forts

How To Build The Best Blanket Fort In 5 Steps

Below are 5 easy steps to building the best blanket fort. If you have any other suggestions or photos of your blanket fort, click on the contact us button and send them to us. Or, send us a link to your Facebook or Instagram. Hope these 5 steps help you build a great fort.

Step 1: Get Some Clips

Weights are an easy way to get hurt and upset your parents.

Step 2: Get Cover

Get some blankets, towels, sheets, and pillows, You can even use clothing!


Fort Clips are Wonderful!

Since we bought our Fort Clips two years ago, my children have had a fort built more of the time than not. The video games actually get turned off to play in their fort. When friends come to visit the main activity is fort building. We have one set per child because they all want one in their own bedroom! On weekends they sleep in the fort. I enjoy their creativity and imagination, this toy is an obvious classic for kids! Thanks for a great product.


Fort Kit - The Perfect Birthday Gift

Looking for ideas to complete a fort kit for your kids? Think like a kid. They want blankets or sheets of course, and a way to secure the blankets like FORT CLIPS! No Fort kit would be complete without a flashlight, lantern, and or headlamp. Kids love to spy with binoculars or a telescope. Also, when you build your fort kit, remember to include a sign for the door like "GIRLS ONLY" or "KEEP OUT". Indoor fort kits are a great gift idea for you're niese, nephew, or grandchild.



FortClips are recommended for children 7 years old or older.
WARNING: Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.