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All You Need To Know About Fort Clips

If you are looking to learn more about fort clips this is the blog for you, I'm going to get into the things you might want to know about them. here are some questions you might be asking: "what are they made of?" "will they damage what I clip them too?" "are they useful for anything other than forts?" "how much weight can they hold?" I will be answering all of these! if you have any questions that I didn't list go to the contact page, or email us directly at


Why Use Clips?

“Why should i choose clips out of all these other fort building items?” if your asking a similar question i have some reasons that may convince you! if you haven't already tried using things like weights to make your fort, trust me it isn't very safe and can result in the weight falling on someone.


How To Build The Best Blanket Fort In 5 Steps

Below are 5 easy steps to building the best blanket fort. If you have any other suggestions or photos of your blanket fort, click on the contact us button and send them to us. Or, send us a link to your Facebook or Instagram. Hope these 5 steps help you build a great fort.

Step 1: Get Some Clips

Weights are an easy way to get hurt and upset your parents.

Step 2: Get Cover

Get some blankets, towels, sheets, and pillows, You can even use clothing!


2017 Winter Must Have Blanket Forts!

Christmas is just around the corner! Too soon? Ok it's still summer, but the cold and weather are coming. Be prepared. Winter is the perfect time for staying cozy with family and friends, with a hot glass of cocoa by the open fire. What a wonderful time of the year! The kids are set out on a fort building session when things get ugly...They begin stacking heavy books, and random nicknacks just to keep a blanket from collapsing. Disaster strikes and it all comes tumbling down along with tears and frowns. If only there was something, anything, to fix this mess.


How to Make a Blanket Fort

We bunched together into complete inventor mode, and made our way to the thumbprint scanner basement below. Okay, so it was the little washroom just adjacent to the garage and in plain sight of those eating breakfast, but you get the point. We set out to make a fort building difference. Though determined and focused, our ideas were nil, up until the kids came in asking for some heavy books, the living room lamp, and that iron on the shelf, to make their fort stay in place. That's when it hit us.


Kids in the Winter

What do you do with kids in the winter? It rains, it snows, its cold, or hot, we get bored. All facts. When any or all of these realities occur don't forget that kids love forts. Grab some Fort Clips, sheets, blankets and get building. Blanket forts are epic. They are timeless and always a big hit!


Christmas Fort

This Christmas you should consider Fort Clips for your Christmas fort. There are many ways to build a fort using nothing but fort clips and some sheets or blankets, and one reason is that they are a fun and safe way to build a fort inside or outside. Another great reason is that they are very portable for storage in a closet, cabinet, or even in your luggage to bring along for a fun trip because they are very light, and they all come in a cool bag too!


How to build a blanket fort

There's really nothing quite like it; building an indoor fort ranks high on the list of all-time fun home activities. Huddle up, make the plans, gather 'round, and start building that indoor fort of dreams. Being indoors should not limit your creativity, it should inspire it. Get the blankets, fort building kit, and bright ideas together and build an indoor fort today. Sure you might on be the smaller, quaint corner, indoor fort side of things, or maybe you're more on the use the entire room and all of the blankets, indoor fort kind of family. Whatever the case, get your indoor fort adventure underway. Day to day, in the quest for a welcomed change of scenery and different sort of fun, build an indoor fort and enjoy instant happiness and joy. Join the indoor fort fun!


New Fort Building Kit Logo Coming Soon

That is right, we are working on a new Fort Clips logo. We want to to be the premier fort building kit on the internet and we are on our way. Over the past four months, we have been working tirelessly on our new logo. We will be launching our new logo this summer. Included with this new logo will be our newly designed FortClips bags. Obviously they will have our new logo, but they will also feature new color options. Get ready to have a great fort building summer with FortClips.


FortClips on Pinterest

Here are some pictures for Pinterest:

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FortClips are recommended for children 7 years old or older.
WARNING: Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

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