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2017 Winter Must Have Blanket Forts!

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2017 Winter Must Have Blanket Forts!

Christmas is just around the corner! Too soon? Ok it's still summer, but the cold and weather are coming. Be prepared. Winter is the perfect time for staying cozy with family and friends, with a hot glass of cocoa by the open fire. What a wonderful time of the year! The kids are set out on a fort building session when things get ugly...They begin stacking heavy books, and random nicknacks just to keep a blanket from collapsing. Disaster strikes and it all comes tumbling down along with tears and frowns. If only there was something, anything, to fix this mess. But wait just a moment, there is! Fort Clips to the rescue! 

Blanket Forts. The Perfect Solution.

Fort Clips are the absolute perfect solution for the most dazzling fort! Our stronge and durable clips and clasps come in various sizes and even colors, to help fit your needs. Never again will you hear the CRASH of a fort tumbling into pieces, or the cries from your hardworking child. Fort clips make fort building a breeze!

Rain, Sleet and Snow? No Problem!

Speaking of breezes... Now that it's December, the cold weather is rushing in. The rain, sleet and snow has begun falling, ruining your fun! But why stop there? Grab a tarp, along with your bag of Fort Clips, do a clip here and clip there, and BAM! An outdoor fort that keeps you high and dry! 

Awesome Reviews!

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FortClips are recommended for children 7 years old or older.
WARNING: Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

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