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How to Make a Blanket Fort

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How to Make a Blanket Fort

We bunched together into complete inventor mode, and made our way to the thumbprint scanner basement below. Okay, so it was the little washroom just adjacent to the garage and in plain sight of those eating breakfast, but you get the point. We set out to make a fort building difference. Though determined and focused, our ideas were nil, up until the kids came in asking for some heavy books, the living room lamp, and that iron on the shelf, to make their fort stay in place. That's when it hit us. We thought about what makes the fort fall and quickly realized it’s not the makeshift covers, the beds, or chairs. It's the device used to hold down the hodgepodge of household items that can spell disaster. If the contraptions are weak, unstable, and unreliable, the fort doesn't stand a chance and all the work is repeatedly crushed in the collapse of fallen debris.

And that, my friends, is where the Fort Clip plan came to fruition. "Our children need Fort Clips," we exclaimed. Instead of hogging our newfound treasure all to ourselves, we decided to share Fort Clips with the community next door and across the globe. There's a better way to build forts and it's all in the clips. Not a cheap chip clip, not a plastic hair clip, and definitely not an office paper clip. We're talking about a substantial really hold down the fort type of clip.

Can you build a fort without clips? Well, sure you can, but talk about extra work and a lot of headache. The blankets fall, the sheets slip away, and bonks on the head from flying odds and ends bring on the cries of, "HELP, anyone out there?" every single time. We are parents and we know the fallen fort consequences. Who wants to be a failure? Not us. We got tired of our children gazing up at us, with confusion and that aching bit of disappointment. We vowed to give the sport of fort building our all, and to make the fort dream come true, not just for our children, but for all children.

So what do you do when the kids come running and begging for a fort? Do you cower in the corner, knowing you don't have the materials, or the skills to measure up to the expectations?

Or do you jump at the chance to make your kids happy and embrace the challenge of fort building with open arms? Chances are it's the first one and there's a simple reason for that. People don't have the necessary tools to make fort building a breeze. Not to worry, your problems are solved. Our Fort Clips come in varying sizes, from large to standard, and make fort building easy.

You can look at the pictures and you can read the description, but it won't be until you get them in your hands that you will know just what Fort Clips can do for you and your family. Keep your fort up and your spirits, too.  Order Fort Clips today!


FortClips are recommended for children 7 years old or older.
WARNING: Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

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