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Kids in the Winter

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Kids in the Winter

Kids in the Winter

What do you do with kids in the winter? It rains, it snows, its cold, or hot, we get bored. All facts. When any or all of these realities occur don't forget that kids love forts. Grab some Fort Clips, sheets, blankets and get building. Blanket forts are epic. They are timeless and always a big hit!

Your kids will cherish these memories forever. Their time with you, with their siblings, and with their friends, are the best! These are the times that build you into who you are and shape your outlook on life. So, go ahead, encourage that playful spirit, And feed that inner child. You know you remember how to build the best fort ever! So show them how it's done; Add those twinkle lights, spend the night, snuggle. You are all worth it.

Fort Clips make you look even better. Combine your master fort building skills with the convenience of these mega strong clips. No need to search the house for the "weighted objects" for anchoring your masterpiece. Nothing will even slip or fall on anyone head! The fortress will survive for days. It won't come down until you take it down. Indoor camping never got easier. This is what you've all been needing! The kids will be very impressed. Send us a photo...... We'd love to post and inspire others!


FortClips are recommended for children 7 years old or older.
WARNING: Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

Fort Building Ideas