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Why Use Clips?

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Why Use Clips?

“Why should i choose clips out of all these other fort building items?” if your asking a similar question i have some reasons that may convince you! if you haven't already tried using things like weights to make your fort, trust me it isn't very safe and can result in the weight falling on someone. “ok so got it weights aren't that good but what about those frames made of pipe surely those have to be much safer and faster?” well they are HOWEVER imagine one side of the blanket if tugged on, the fort will collapse and you will be left having to put the blankets back up, so without clips those pipe frames cant hold your blankets…

“Ok so… why are clips so special?” Firstly a tug on a blanket wont stop a clip. So your fort can stay for as long as you want! They can hold a lot more than you would expect, so if your cat decides they want to jump on top of your fort you can rest assured that your fort wont collapse! But i would not recommend putting your brother on the fort you love! because it will most likely collapse. Clips are great because if a blanket doesn’t look big enough to you, you can just clip another onto it to make it larger! Hopefully this blog helped you make your decision, if you want fort clips go to:


FortClips are recommended for children 7 years old or older.
WARNING: Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

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