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Fort Picture

Why do we need FortClips?

So what do you do when the kids come running and begging for a fort? Do you cower in the corner, knowing you don't have the materials, or the skills to measure up to the expectations?


Fort Clips are Wonderful!

Since we bought our Fort Clips two years ago, my children have had a fort built more of the time than not. The video games actually get turned off to play in their fort. When friends come to visit the main activity is fort building. We have one set per child because they all want one in their own bedroom! On weekends they sleep in the fort. I enjoy their creativity and imagination, this toy is an obvious classic for kids! Thanks for a great product.


Fort Kit - The Perfect Birthday Gift

Looking for ideas to complete a fort kit for your kids? Think like a kid. They want blankets or sheets of course, and a way to secure the blankets like FORT CLIPS! No Fort kit would be complete without a flashlight, lantern, and or headlamp. Kids love to spy with binoculars or a telescope. Also, when you build your fort kit, remember to include a sign for the door like "GIRLS ONLY" or "KEEP OUT". Indoor fort kits are a great gift idea for you're niese, nephew, or grandchild.


Indoor Tents

Rainy , snowy, blustery days call for Indoor activities for kids. A good old fashioned blanket fort is one of the best indoor activities for kids. It stirs the imagination and provides hours of playtime. You may even like to join in! Put up your indoor tents using sheets of blankets. The best way to secure them is. . . . .FORT CLIPS! This is an indoor activity for kids or outdoor. Show them you remember what its like to be a kid who loves indoor tents!


My take on building forts

Building a fort sure comes with a lot of pressure and I don't know that I'm up to it. Now, don't get me wrong, I want to build that amazing fort, I really do. But, at the end of the day and with the worries of tomorrow looming, I don't think I can gather the strength to get the job done in a real "super dad" type of way.

Wow, in reading what I just wrote, I realize how negative I sound. Jeeez! How terrible! Good thing the kids aren't looking over my shoulder. What am I thinking and just why am I documenting it here? Not sure how to answer those two questions, but I do remember building a fort as a kid and all turned out fine. Well, except for the bumps and bruises and broken glass.

My children enjoy building forts. It's like an entirely different world for them, and who knows, maybe for the me, too. Okay, enough of this blogging, or venting as I like to call it. I can feel your encouragement radiating through my computer screen..."You can do it. You can do it, Pauley." (Oh, wait that would be my mom) Anyway, off to build a fort - and you? What's on your fort building agenda?


Somehow a movie comes to mind...

In all the talk and thoughts about Fort Clips, I feel like paying homage to Ghostbusters (part 1, of course)

  • When there never seems to be just the right type of gadget to keep the fort in place, what’s the first thing you’ll think? … FORT CLIPS!
  • When your child calls, “Mom and Dad, what about building a fort today?” What are you going to grab? … FORT CLIPS!
  • When your neighbors yell from the window downstairs, “This idea just isn’t going to work kids!” What will you yell back? … FORT CLIPS!



FortClips are recommended for children 7 years old or older.
WARNING: Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

Fort Building Ideas