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Fort Building

Fort Picture

Fort building is a lost art. This website will inspire families to turn off the tv, put down the iPad, drop the video game controller and get to work building forts. Once again, families accross America are letting their imaginations go wild. We know that video games and hand-held gaming devices are causing our children to learn bad habits.

Now there is a solution. Now there is a way to get kids excited about fort building again. Introducing Fort Clips! These simple fort building clips will ignite the creative spirit that lays dormant in todays youth. Get inspiried. Get building. Let the fort building movement begin and it all starts with Fort Clips.

We have compiled a bunch of fort ideas. Take a look at some of these fort ideas. In fact, if you can look at these fort ideas and not be inspiried then you are really some serious fun. You have grown up too fast and you need some real help.

You aren't allowed to just tell your kids to build a fort, YOU NEED to help them build a fort. Play along. Grab a clip and start building. Hold up the blankets and clip them to the top of the closet door. Hide inside the fort in the girls room and be ready for the boys to jump over their fort wall and take aim at you through the girls look out window. Play. Play together. We know that you'll remember how much fun it is to play, to dream, and to relax into a the world of your imagination.


FortClips are recommended for children 7 years old or older.
WARNING: Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

Fort Building Ideas