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Fort Ideas

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Here is a list of fort ideas we have compiled over the past few years. These fort ideas have been sent to us via email and through the contact for on the contact page of this website. If you have an idea that you would like added to this page, please send us an email to or fill out our contact form.

  1. Basic Blanket Fort - This is a simple one-room fort made with blankets and some Fort Clips.

  2. Castle Fort -This type of fort is designed for battle. Thick comforter walls with no doors.

  3. Bunkbed Fort - This is a two story fort with a ladder between floors. This fort idea is the best "lookout fort" because of the second story. Make sure you have a good pair of binoculars to spot invaders.

  4. Girls Forts - These types of forts are built with girls in mind. Inside, girls can play with dolls and much more. Usually, these forts have a kitchen so the girls can bake goodies for one another.

  5. Boys Forts - Weapons are a must. We do not consider it to be a boys fort unless there is a way to defend the loot.

  6. Pillow Forts - Stacked Pillows are used as the door. You can dive right through the door of pillow and land softly. Then you lower the backup blanket door by unclipping the fort clips and re-clipping them at the bottom.

  7. Pool Table Fort - Every pool table can quickly be turned into a fort. Just clip on some blankets around the outside and get inside quick.

  8. Spooky Fort - This night time fort is built using dark brown blankets and no lights are allowed. The idea is to have unspecting buds climb inside while you are outside the fort making spooky noises. See if you can make you sister's scream!

  9. Green House Fort - Open a window and build your fort right up against it. Make sure this daytime fort has direct sunlight and don't forget the plants.

  10. T.V. Fort - Create a structure around a television so once the fort is complete, you can shnoogle up and watch your favorite show.

  11. Tent Fort - Obviously this fort is built outside. The patio or the outdoor table can be converted into this tent fort. Always have some marshmallows and graham crackers on hand.

  12. Green Screen Fort - Shoot a video with a green screen on one side of the fort. You are going to need to ask for permission on this one, but it will be worth it. Once you plan and shoot your video, give the raw footage to your mom or dad and let them turn your green screen footage into a space, mars, moon, Paris, or Grand Canyon adventure.

  13. Bath Tub Fort Ideas - This one is a little difficult to grasp at first, but trust us, this fort is a blast. Turn an afternoon bath into a submarine mission with you as the captain. Or, just sit back and relax in some solitude. You deserve it, or maybe your mom needs it more than you do?

  14. Fire House Fort - Every city needs a fire station and you get to be the chief.

  15. Bean Bag Fort - This fort is not small and requires an open top. This way you can leap up and over the walls and have a soft controlled landing on a cushy bean bag.

  16. Car Fort - Imagine your square simple fort is a 911 Turbo Porsche and you are crusing down Malibu Canyon heading to the Pacific Ocean for a beautyful day at the beach. Of course, have way through the peacful ride, you are attacked and you need to convert your simple car fort into a James Bond super car with all the gadgets.

  17. Kitchen Table Fort - Don't just hang a few blankets and say you are done. Nope! Grab some pots and pans and let everyone know that your restaurant is open for business.

  18. Mansion Fort - The biggest of all our fort ideas, the Mansion Fort MUST have at least 7 rooms and connect at least three different rooms in your house. It is also know as the Palace Fort.

  19. Ball Pit Fort - Just like the name suggests, a Ball Pit Fort uses walls and desks to create a solid box where you can fill this pit with a bunch of balls of different sizes. Jump in and have a ball.

  20. Doll House Fort - Girls deserve a fort all to themselves. Well, not, quite, alone because dolls are welcome. We recommend building forts for each of your dolls.

  21. Closet Fort - A great fort idea for your bedroom. Open the doors and clip on the blankets. BOOM! Instant fort. Easily the fastest for to build.

  22. Detective Fort - A crime has been committed and you need to leave your lab where you have seperate rooms for developing pictures, building spy gear, and sleeping quarters. Search the house for clues and solve the case of the missing watch!

  23. Video Game Fort - If you are going to play video games, why not create a set that actually puts you in the game. Call of Duty? How about a camoflauge fort? Mario Cart? How about a Car Fort?

  24. Hotel Fort - Many rooms are available for guests to visit. Each room must have it's own door. This fort requires a TON of FortClips, so make sure your friends bring theirs over to your house.

  25. Couch Fort - Take off the cushions, clip on some blankets and take over the living room. Our most popular fort idea, the Couch Fort is a favorite. You can kick it up a notch by adding a tunnel entrance to keep pesky adults out.

  26. Hammock Fort - Use the hammock in the back yard to give you a fort with an open roof. Grab some games and have a blast. Everyone loves the outdoors and now you can kick it in style.


If you have made any of these forts, please send us your picture. If you have fort ideas that we don't have on our list, please send us your ideas. We will add them to our list of official FortClips fort ideas.



FortClips are recommended for children 7 years old or older.
WARNING: Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

Fort Building Ideas