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The Story of Fort Clips

Fort Picture

8 years ago my dad realized that it was a pain when we would build forts and get sad when our fort roofs wouldnt hold up because we used random chatchkis around the house. He decided that there must be a better solution to all the tears and broken house decorations. He searched and searched but he could find no solution. He finally chose to create a fort building clip that he called "Fort Clips". I know, super creative.

We LOVED these little clips because we could build massive forts quickly and easily. Me and my brother even turned our beds into bunk beds so that we can sleep in our fort like our sisters did. He then wondered, "what other families could use these wonderful clips?". So he started making clip bundles and selling them to family friends. They were a massive hit. I remember going to the other families house and exploring my new friend's forts.

One time i saw a fort roof holding up a super chubby rabbit! He then used his expierience building websites for his personel buisness Digilu to make Fort! He made a logo, some bags, and multicolored clips. He opened them up to the market and they sold like ice cold lemonade in 120 degree weather. And now here i am 5 years later. He has put me and my brother in charge of packaging, writing blogs, and making youtube videos.

FortClips will revolutionize the way kids build forts.


FortClips are recommended for children 7 years old or older.
WARNING: Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

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